Second Helpings

Second Helpings are lay-led activities giving extra ways of being in
community. Feed your soul this summer by doing something extra with other Judson folks. Contact bethene.trexel (at) to list your ideas for service, learning, fun, whatever. 

Sunday. July 12, after church. Continue the tradition of every five weeks "walking to the river" with Mary Nell Hawk (mnhawk (at) This time she'll tell of "Floating the Apple" and the rebirth of NYC youth rowing. After the walk, there's possibility of your rowing at Pier 40.

The Heart of the Congregation

One of the most poignant moments in Judson's worship is when congregants share what matters to them, in the moment. They globalize the local and localize the global. The announcements open the service, along with the prelude, and locate us in our time and place. In the middle of the service at the prayer section, we rise again, as needed, to express our joys and concerns. If the opening is about community gardens and Ebola in West Africa, the middle is about grandmother's dying and lovers leaving and jobs losing. (Or finding.)

Brevity is an art in these announcements and joys and concerns. It is respect for the community in action and word. 

Safer Injection Kits

Contact Kim Kelly (jackim7 (at) for more information and read more about this important work. 6:00 to 8:00 PM 

  • July 9 - Thursday
  • July 21 - Tuesday
  • August 4 - Tuesday
  • August 18 - Tuesday

We assemble between 100-200 kits at each work party. With 25 work parties per year, that's at least 2500 kits that can save lives.

  • 5 - Syringes
  • 5 - Band-Aids
  • 6 - Alcohol pads
  • 5 - Sterile Waters (each contains 2 ml. of water)
  • 2 - Gold/Brass Caps (cookers)
  • 2 - Silver/Aluminum Caps (cookers)
  • 2 - Gauze packs
  • 1 - Cotton pack
  • Instructions sheet regarding safe practices
  • Information sheet about services and hours at the L.E.S.H.R.C.

Monday Night Dance

Full Schedule movement research is one of the world's leading laboratories for the investigation of dance and movement-based forms. Valuing the individual artist, their creative process and their vital role within society, Movement Research is dedicated to the creation and implementation of free and low-cost programs that nurture and instigate discourse and experimentation. Movement Research strives to reflect the cultural, political and economic diversity of its moving community, including artists and audiences alike. [Learn more.]

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