Past Performances include.... 


The music of The Woodshed, Maricia Danielle, and Karl Saint Lucy

Wednesday, November 5th 

The Woodshed is a 4 piece alt-country, indie-folk-rock, americanaramadingdong band out of Brooklyn. They are also the backing band Derdy Nerdz Records label mates Anna/Kate. The band used to be a 2 piece called Into Doubt and then after some shady craigslist exchanges and back alley dealings, they grew in size, changed their name, changed their sound a little bit, revamped existing songs, wrote some new jams and now glow in the dark!

Stay up to date on their happenings at and join their mailing list by emailing

Maricia Danielle is a Singer-Songwriter from Central New York who loves connecting with people at the intersection of intellect, love and art. She pulls from a color palette of sounds and experiences including Jazz, Classical, Folk, R&B & more. Her diligence as a promising young artist led her to earn a Bachelor of Art degree in Voice Performance from Syracuse University, where she studied Opera, and later earned her a Master of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During this time, Ms. Danielle toured nationally each year with the Syracuse University Singers, performing the works of Claude Debussy, Bach, Francis Poulenc and more, and earned the opportunity to perform with many Musical Pioneers at the prestigious Philadelphia International Records. Current projects include working as the Lead Vocalists in the Philly-Based Band, Ode to Omni, and performing her own music regularly for appreciative audiences throughout the Tri-state area. She is also working to release her debut CD entitled, Beautiful Surprise.

Born in St. Louis and raised all over the heartland of the United States, Karl Saint Lucy is a songwriter whose influences are as varied as his experiences. He was conceived the moment Joni Mitchell shared "Free Man in Paris" with David Geffen, and he lost his innocence the moment Rufus Wainwright shared "Dinner at Eight" with his father, Loudon.

And sharing what it's all about for Saint Lucy: his creative process is that of taking personal experiences and serving them up as high art and/or campy trash. He draws heavily from songwriters who arrive at universal truths by going after specifics.

Saint Lucy found his way into songwriting by way of musical theatre; he studied musical theatre composition with Michael John LaChiusa, William Finn, Polly Pen, and other great New York theatre composers through the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch.

What comes out in the work of Karl Saint Lucy is a synthesis of people and places that reveals not only love-hate relationships with genre, approach, and his country of origin; but also a fierce determination to redeem those relationships to better inform the present. He also really loves torch songs.




Eckert+SorensenJolink and Bailout Theater present STUFFED, a free evening of dance and local food Wednesday July 2nd at 7:00pm at Judson Memorial Church in New York City.


Dances by:

Carol Mendes & Artists
David Fishel
Elinor Harrison
Ella Rosewood Dance
Mari Mead Dance Collective
Mary Kate Hartung

STUFFED is a low tech/high visibility performance platform created in response to the financial crisis by providing an evening of free food and performance to the public. The evening begins with a home-cooked meal sourced from local restaurants and Judson Church community members. Once the audience has indulged their bellies they can indulge everything else with a succinct selection of tasty dance entertainment.

The Music of:
Leah Coloff
Raquel Cion (accompanied by Karl Michael Johnson)

Wednesday, June 4th 

Anna/Kate are a folk-pop duo consisting of, well, Anna--a teacher, solo artist and red-nose clown--and Kate, playwright, activist and jazz singer. Together they perform for theater companies, pop-up performance parties and protests. Their song-cycles have been produced by Culture Project/Women CenterStage Festival, Dixon Place, Poetic Theater Productions/Poetic License Festival, and Judson Church/Magic Time and BailOut All-Stars. They have developed original content for Bowery Poetry Club, the Duplex, and multiple music venues throughout NYC. See annakatemusic for more!

Leah Coloff melds her own style of vocalization and virtuosic cello playing into what the New York Times calls "a combination of artful angularity and rock inflected assertiveness". Whether using only cello and vocals, or bolstered by drums, and/or other instruments, Leah's songs swim up and downstream with the greatest of ease. Her unusual arrangements illustrate a truly singular voice: one that is at once honest, sensual, funny, brutal, pissed-off, and down right loopy. She is a seasoned performer who understands both chaos and control. Her songs stretch tall like pines dark with sweet prickly needles. They are stark, beautiful and chilly sweet. They will haunt the listener like burnt petal lost in love streams. Leah is the cellist for The Scorchio String Quartet, and adds her cello and voice to Ted Hearne’s modern classical/rock ensemble, Delusion Story. She is also a regular collaborator/performer at the Obie Award winning, The Secret City.

Hailed by The New York Times as “half witch and half cabaret performer,” Raquel Cion has performed extensively in NYC, Paris and the Bay Area. Recent projects include: Kim Katzberg’s DARKLING (Director) -IRT Theater, CATCH Performance Series; Nora Woolley’s Hip(Director), IRT Theater; Gilding the Lonely: An Evening of Cabaret (Writer/Performer)-Joe’s Pub, Dixon Place. She is a founding member of NYC’s Eat a Radish Productions and performs monthly with the Obie Award winning The Secret City.

Karl Michael Johnson is an Astoria-based singer-songwriter and composer-lyricist. He is a graduate of the NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, and performs his own songs under the name Karl Saint Lucy. He wrote CLASS, a musical, with playwright-lyricist Maria Alexandria Beech, and songs from his song cycle, LA HORA PERDIDA: SONGS FOR RENNO can be heard at karlsaintlucy .

Judson Wednesdays presents:
a Bailout happening, featuring STUFFED 11: Dinner & Dance, with the choreographic stylings of Mary Ellen Beaudreau, Sydney Schiff, Lisa Kusanagi, Meghan Frederick and Jennifer Bennett

A Night of Music 


Abhay Singh & Friends was formed in Autumn 2011 when, while attending grad school to study theology after a bad breakup, Abhay Singh rounded up musicians to perform songs that allegorically related the Bible to his experiences of heartbreak and finding new love. The band performs Roots Rock and Doo-Wop music influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison, and Leonard Cohen. Inspired by the song structures and emotional candidness of contemporary pop music and club music, over the holidays Abhay and his musician friends recorded an 8-song album of folk, klezmer, and doo-wop music, prominently featuring harmonium, an instrument popular in the music of the Indian subcontinent.

Harmonium Songs
Full-band Rock Songs 

Hailing from Pennington, New Jersey, James Panther has been unwaveringly dedicated to making music since 11 years old when he joined the American Boychoir in 1996. Fast forward to now-- Panther is a piano player, pop/rock/soul singer, songwriter, and producer with a dynamic, haunting and powerful voice. His songs and performances are both intimate and high energy: uncompromisingly honest accounts of personal experience and hooky self-empowerment anthems with driving beats and unforgettable pop melodies.

After years of classical/choral training and various leading roles in musical theatre productions, Panther went to study songwriting at Boston's Berklee College of Music, and made 2 albums under the name Jamie Treadwell, playing extensively in Boston and Cambridge. Deeply driven to create a unique sound and find his authentic voice, Panther left Berklee to develop artistically in radical queer artistic communities in New York, San Francisco, and Portland, OR. In addition to performing in major cities, Panther spent months at a time creatively developing in rural radical queer sanctuaries and gatherings in the pacific northwest and Tennessee, as well as in spiritual ceremonies of Native American tradition. Panther's debut EP weaves together his urban sensibility and his extensive experience as a rurally dwelling gypsy traveller and lover of nature and progressive community.

He proudly and passionately stands for truth, self-respect, self-empowerment, the health and wellness of queer communities, and creating a safer world for young queer kids to grow up.

Joe McCarthy is a singer-songwriter of brooklyn bands Senators, Abhay Singh & Friends, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, and Youth and the Drug Explosion. He has been playing music in New York City for 7 years. Tonight he will be playing original songs on guitar and piano without accompaniment. [Check out his music.]


A Night of Music

Featuring Victory Gardens

Wednesday, March 5 

Victory Gardens 


is a songwriter, letterpress artist and organizer living in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Virigina where she grew up singing jazz in her father’s restaurant, she integrates roots music, folk and pop elements into a powerful yet delicate sound. For the past 10 years she has made her way around the USA, and it's time for her biggest journey yet: her Debut Album "I'm One Too"! Come hear some of the songs that will be on her upcoming album, and ask her about letterpressing your next project!

marianne rendon

originally a classical pianist, marianne has been playing music all her life.

at bard college, she began collaborating with ian turner in their band, Great Pyranese, where they played in small bars and busked in subways. she continued to create an all-women country band called She Rose in 2011.

marianne now plays independently while studying for her MFA at The Juilliard School's Drama Division.

marianne is also a performance artist and dancer. big kiss to tory for all her victories and magical gardens.  

David Moore - sometimes a classical pianist/leader of ambient band Bing & Ruth, sometimes a banjo-pickin rocker in Langhorne Slim & The Law, whichever one of David Moore's alter egos performs, it's sure to be a sight.



Eyes of Mandela Tour

Featuring Felipe Fournier, percussionist and Manny Davis, dancer.

February 5th 

LUMINOSA PROJECT is the subversive classically trained duo of Bolivian soprano Gian-Carla Tisera and Burmese-American pianist A.J. Khaw. Music from all corners of the world steeped in the veins of jazz, folk, experimental music, poetry and sociopolitical commentary. Their melodies emerge from every corner of the globe -- from folk tunes heard in the poorest slums to the soaring arias of bygone eras. Luminosa Project often infuses traditional and nontraditional music with socio-political themes that draw on their mutual identification with the plight of the third world. Luminosa Project strives to collaborate with special guest artists, including jazz, classical, world music musicians, actors, spoken word and visual artists.

Commander Squish

Sunday, January 5th 

Sarah The Witch marries the brave knight Commander Squish in this campy 1996 musical by Nate Weida. Directed by Andrew Neisler.

Starring : Jessica Frey, Aaron Phillips, John Bennett, Ronald Peet, Emil McGloin, Jonathan Levy, Alex Fast, Preston Martin, Cyndi Perczek, and Molly McAdoo

...this version is freely adapted from the 1996 version presented at Carrboro ArtsCenter by Nate Weida and Christopher Allen.

Presented at Judson's Bailout. Free Food / Free Show

Commander Squish is the Inaugural Musical for this year's FED/UP series.





Understand Our Ground

Wednesday, November 6

Food:Soul is Flux’s potluck play reading series, where we combine the community-building of sharing a meal with an extreme-staged reading of a play we’re passionate about.

On Wednesday, November 6, Food:Soul–Understand Our Ground, will be held at Judson Memorial Church in conjunction with their Bailout Theatre event. Food will be served at 7:15pm and scenes will begin at 7:45pm with the scenes and conversation coming to a close around 9:30pm.

This Food:Soul will be a little different: rather than working with a single script, we’ll be collaborating with playwrights, choreographers, poets and other artists to develop artistic responses to the Trayvon Martin murder, trial and the diverse cultural reactions that followed. Through this specific lens, the work created will engage with questions of race, gun violence, masculinity, our justice system and more. After each artistic response, there will be an opportunity for small-group conversation. We will be encouraging a diversity of responses and differences of opinion, with the goal of creating a safe space for people to engage with each other through curiosity and compassion instead of judgement.

Contributors: Aziza Barnes, Becky Byers, Heather Cohn, Sol Crespo, Shaun B. F., Aizzah Fatima, Emily Hartford, Rachael Hip-Flores, Aja Houston, Kayhan Irani, Alex Johnson, Brian Jones, Kelly O’Donnell, Rocio Mendez, Mike Mihm, Joseph Merlo III, Stephen Conrad Moore, Lori E. Parquet, Chester Poon, Anna Rahn, August Schulenburg, Jennifer Tsay, Matthew Trumbull, Chinaza Uche, Alex Ustach, Lauren Williams, Anthony Wills Jr., Jodi Witherell

Stay tuned as we announce more contributors, partner organizations, programming and more!

*If you know to whom the image above should be attributed, please email the information to*

A Night of Music

Wednesday, October 2  

For Alex Mallett, a love of storytelling and folk music began with his father. Enchanted by stories of ghosts, lost loves and generations past, Alex picked up the banjo at the age of nine. As a teenager, he experimented with electrified instruments and studied jazz and classical bass in Montreal. He played cocktail gigs and in indie rock bands but it was the spirit of the stories his father told that brought him back to the banjo to write his own songs-- Songs that edge toward bluegrass. Songs that are candid and witty, with bittersweet punch lines that expound on personal mysteries, or simply make you want to sing along (and audiences often do.)

Keith Lisy taught himself to play guitar in junior high school and played his second self-composed song at his high school talent show and really misses top 40 radio. He has worked with Eric Ivan , Andrew MacIntyre and others. He has self recorded over a hundred of originals in all genres of pop and hip hop. "If Music is the food of love, I'm stuffed ..." My special needs is to have the people sing along.

Tony Perry is happy to pick up his guitar once again. He's a singer, songwriter, actor and former journalist from Pennsylvania who moved to pursue a life as an actor. He's been seen on the New York stage in the US premiere of Murray Schisgal’s “74 Georgia Ave.,” which was performed in English and Yiddish; in Leslie Lee and Charles Strouse's Martin: A New Musical; and in the New York stage premiere of Repo: The Genetic Opera among other productions. Most recently, he appeared in the Judson Arts production of The Bonus Army. Regionally, he's appeared in such shows as Five Guys Named Moe, Ain’t Misbehavin, The Rocky Horror Show, Me and My Girl, and Big River. He traveled the northeast as a singer-songwriter, both as a solo act and with his former band Tony Perry 3, opening for the likes of Janis Ian and John Scofield. He has three CDs available at and iTunes, two with his former band and a solo Christmas disc.

A Night of Poetry

Wednesday, September 4th

Performers include:
Sarah M. Duncan
Anna Gothard
Ishmael Islam
Kerry Warren
Dylan Debelis
Justin Woo

Curated by Sarah M. Duncan

Sarah M. Duncan
Sarah M. Duncan, now a Brooklyn resident, grew up in (no joke you guys) Normal, Illinois. After getting a degree in theatre and traveling around New Zealand for 12 months, Sarah moved to NYC to follow in the footsteps of the poor and the creative. These days Sarah 1. works with The Possibility Project creating life story inspired musicals with teens in foster care 2. spills coffee occasionally all over the kitchen floor, like she did this morning 3. plans arts and occupy/activist events on the regular 4. performs her poetry and writes plays on the regular 4.5 cleans and babysits for a few of the congregants at her church for extra cash and 5. uses the phrase "on the regular" twice in a poetry bio.

Ishmael Islam
Ish raps, writes, and makes things. Not always in that order. He's the 2012 NYC Youth Poet Laureate, a Brooklynite to the bone, and more importantly a good listener.

Kerry Warren
Kerry Warren, an actress and poet, was recently awarded the Joseph W. Polisi Prize upon graduation for her BFA in Drama at the Juilliard School. She has a strong interest in teaching and participated in many outreach projects throughout her training at Juilliard including Rayos de Cancion in Antigua, Guatemala; the New Orleans Project; and Project Maru-A-Pula in Botswana. She also was a fellow in the Arts Enrichment Program though
Juilliard working in the Bronx with Hunts Point Alliance co teaching drama; with Harlem School of the Arts; and AMAS Musical Theater. Her performances at The Juilliard School include: Mariana in Pericles directed by Orlando Pabotoy; Opal in Stephen Belber's McRelle; Annabel in Mike Lew's Bike America; Nia in an independent project of In the Continuum by Danai Gurira and Nikkole Salter directed by Awoye Timpo; Becca inTrust by Steven Deitz; Bianca in Taming of the Shrew; Viola in Twelfth Night; Juilliard's Martin Luther King Celebration; and The Vagina Monologues.

Dylan Debelis
Dylan D. Debelis is a spoken word/SLAM poet from Portland, OR currently living and performing in NYC. He has performed his poetry globally, being featured in venues throughout India, Tanzania, Mexico, New York City, Portland, and other smaller venues within the United States. Currently touring at churches and Universities in the Northeast US, Dylan focuses his poetry on exploring how to find the god and beauty in every piece of the world. In using a faith-based perspective not rooted in any particular faith Dylan weaves grotesque worlds, loving embraces, and an off-kilter wit to lead the audience in a very unorthodox prayer. If you enjoy Dylan's set and would like more information he would like you to know that you should feel free to leave a LIKE at

Anna Gothard
Anna Gothard is a singer, songwriter, actor, pre-school teacher and life explorer based in Brooklyn, NY. She feels grateful to have performed her original music at venues such as Dixon Place, Sidewalk Cafe, Wild Project, Culture Project w/ Women Center Stage Featival and is happy to return to Judson Church. Recently she formed her queer folk-pop duo, Anna/Kate, with Kate Foster. She holds her degree in Theatre and Music from Muhlenberg College and Academia dell’Arte.

Justin Woo
Justin Woo is a Rutgers graduate, Jersey City resident, and Chinese-American poet, theatre artist, and DJ. He has performed at universities, theaters, and slam venues in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire including the 2007 NYC Fringe Festival and the Tony Award-winning Crossroads Theatre.

He was a member of the 2011 and 2012 JC Slam team, and is a slam committee member and resident DJ at JC Slam.

He has collaboratively created several multidisciplinary spoken word theatre pieces. He is currently writing “System Failure,” a science fiction play.

His goal is to encourage positive social and political change through the creation and performance of startling, extraordinary poetry and theatre.

A Night of Music

Wednesday, August 7

  • Michelle Thompson & Henry Lee
  • Jeff Turrentine
  • Anna/Kate
  • Sara Banleigh


Anna/Kate are a queer folk-pop duo. Anna is a solo artist and clown. Kate is a playwright, activist and jazz singer. Together, they perform for theater companies, pop-up performance parties, protests. They have performed with Poetic Theater Productions, Culture Project, Judson Church's Bailout and MagicTime. Upcoming performances include August 16 @ 8, a Benefit for the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, and September 21 @ 7:30, Dixon Place.

'Like' Anna/Kate on Facebook.

Jeff Turrentine
Growing up in Texas, Jeff Turrentine listened to little else but Lou Reed and dreamed of little else but moving to New York. Upon moving to New York, he was surprised to find himself listening to little else but Townes Van Zandt and dreaming of little else but Texas sunsets. Though he prefers to define the term amateur musician as "someone who performs out of pure, holy, incorruptible love" rather than "someone who has never made so much a single dime from performing," the truth is that, in his case, either definition applies. He sublimates his frustration at not playing a more pivotal role in American culture by frequently, and haughtily, criticizing the cultural contributions of others in publications like Slate, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.


Henry Lee
Henry Lee grew up playing classical piano, picked up some chords and improvisation on the way, and double majored in music at UC Berkeley. While at Berkeley, he studied Gospel music with Dr. Mark Wilson, Director of the UC Berkeley Gospel Chorus, and was the Teaching Assistant of the Chorus for a year. Sacred music has been a passion of Henry, having worked as the Music Director at Berkeley Chinese Community Church and now as the Organist at Grace Lutheran Church in Astoria, Queens.

Michelle Thompson
Named after the Beatles song “Michelle,” by her father, a music enthusiast who immersed her in jazz, folk and R&B recordings, and she grew up in a home with a very religious Jamaican mother, who began taking her to church since she was 2 weeks old. Michelle has walked with a growing suspicion that even as a child she was being groomed to have her feet walk in both artistic spaces and serving others through public ministry.

Now nearing the completion of her Masters of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, Michelle hopes to journey on a path where her love for the arts-- namely singing/songwriting--activism, and public ministry can converge. She is currently a Community Minister at Judson, and loves supporting Magic Time and Bailout Theater.
Michelle and Henry met at Judson Church. In February 2013, they collaborated on the music for James Weldon Johnson’s “God’s Trombone: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse,” a play presented by the Association of Black Seminarians at Princeton Seminary. The outcome not only set the tone and atmosphere for the play, it also inspired the two to continue their musical collaboration.

Sara Banleigh
Sara Banleigh never dreamed she’d grow up to be a folk musician. An astronaut, or President of the United States, perhaps, but a folk musician? Now that’s a ship she didn’t even know was taking tickets. As a songwriter, Sara is influenced by a wide range of artists, from Hank Williams, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell to Chekhov and Zola. Her songs deal with friendships won and lost, the wicked passage of time, and the devastation of true love. She even has one song that, she says, is “about everything.” Sara has one or two happy songs. She has performed as a singer and pianist at the Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center. Her original arrangements of traditional Celtic folk tunes have been published in Sing Out! Magazine and have received praise from both fans and reviewers.
(w/ Jonny Goodman on guitar and Ethan Joseph on Violin)

The Housing Circus

Wednesday June 5th

  • Doors open at 7 pm
  • Free dinner at 7:30 pm
  • Free performance at 8:00 pm

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC uses the Forum Theatre methodology, created by Brazilian director Augusto Boal, to theatrically problem-solve using the collective wisdom of audience members, or "spect-actors." Concrete Justice, TONYC's longest-running ensemble of New Yorkers with experience of homelessness, tackles the housing system in this wacky, complex and touching circus, based on the actors' own experiences. Since 2010, Concrete Justice has been creating solidarity onstage, in order to challenge systems of oppression within workplaces, shelters and the healthcare system.

An Evening of Live Music

A recent transplant to New York, AbaKis is a cultural trickster, survivalist, and jill of all trades. Her complex lyricism evokes a melodic intimacy, "the delicacy of a blooming flower, the momentum of a moving train". Her influences range from hip hop and electronica to blues, jazz, and soul, creating an integration of old and new sounds that will keep your ears thirsty. Drink up! or

John Bennett
John Bennett would like to thank Micah, Nate, and the rest of the Judson family for the opportunity to play in the coziest balcony the town has ever known. As vicious on the mic as he is on the grill, you may recognize John from Great Dog Almighty, Night Urges, or Harlem's Finest. Special thanks to Flannery, who makes his fingers dance.

Mark Oaks (From the band Into Doubt)
Mark Oaks is from the Brooklyn based band Into Doubt. Into Doubt normally consists of Mark and his cousin Kelly House - a couple of Brooklyn boys who love music, whiskey and nonsense. Unfortunately Kelly broke himself good and Mark is flying solo for a while. Mark is from all over and has dabbled in many sounds but has made Brooklyn his home and settled on a indie-folk/alt-country/acoustic rock sound. The themes of his music vary from love to politics to smart-ass shenanigans. You can check out Into Doubt's music and happenings at

Wednesday, March 6th

Performances by:

Sarah M. Duncan
Kate Foster
Caiti Lattimer
Siobhan O'Loughlin
Anna Gothard
Teniece Divya Johnson
Ish Islam
And more...

The Music of Nate Weida, Emil McGloin, and Baby Copperhead


RescYou is a new evening-length duet by Eckert+SorensenJolink that centers on the relationship of two friends before and after a disaster that leaves them stranded on an emergency life raft. It is a dance heavy, non linear tale of people who have each other and nothing else.

In RescYou, Eckert+SorensenJolink transforms the historic sanctuary of Judson Memorial Church into a vast ocean in which time, memories, and daily life cease to exist as they once did.


Creighton Irons is a composer/lyricist and teaching artist from NC. His musicals include Soul Notes, Factory Girls, Homefront, and current projects "The Moon and the Sea" and "Beartooth Wilderness."

Sarah Goldfeather is a Minnesota-born, Brooklyn-based violinist and vocalist whose diverse activities range from solo, orchestral and chamber music to performing with indie, folk, and bluegrass groups.

An honors graduate of Vassar College, Sarah has performed as orchestral musician with the String Orchestra of Brooklyn, The Handel Festival Orchestra, the Trinity Wall Street Novus Orchestra, the New York Repertory Orchestra, the Northern Dutchess County Orchestra, and the Vassar College Orchestra (where she was concertmaster for 3 years), among others. Sarah is also active as a chamber musician, and has performed throughout the US and Europe, featured at Culturefix, the IES Abroad Music Program in Vienna, at Killington Music Festival, at the Artaria Chamber Music School, and the Madeline Island Music Center. As a soloist, Sarah has put on recitals at South Oxford Space and Vassar College, been twice featured with the Vassar Orchestra, performing the Lalo Symphony Espagnole and Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. Sarah has received scholarships from Vassar College and the Eastern Music Festival.

In addition to classical music, Sarah is also an active bluegrass and folk musician. She composes songs, sings and fiddles in her band (Sarah Goldfeather), is the violinist and vocalist for the New York-based Great Dog Almighty, plays violin for the Mixtape Cover Band, and plays and sings in the Northfield, MN based Sideporch Trio. She has performed recently at Barbes, Judson Memorial Church, the Mercury Lounge, the Knitting Factory, Pete's Candy Store and others. In addition she has performed in the ensemble for the Atlantic Theater Company, and has worked at as a studio musician for singer/songwriter Meredith Fierke and the filmWelcome to Harlem.

In addition to her active performing life, Sarah has taught violin and music history at Vassar College, assisted research with the International Gustav Mahler Society in Vienna. She is currently on the strings faculty at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, Brooklyn Conservatory, and maintains an active private violin studio in her home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Sarah will play her original music, joined by Benjamin Lee banjo, Mary Beth Alexander voice and baritone ukelele, and Jonathan Harris voice and double bass.

Grace House
The band Grace House has been in the making for a while (though neither member will admit how old they really are). Andy Frantz (guitar, voice) and Tory Giardina (voice,maracas) met long ago and after a decade of encouragement, finally decided to form an official band. They are just tickled to be making their debut as a duo at Judson, the birthplace of their meeting and their music. They sincerely hope you will sing along.

Amazing Amy (Harlib) is 57 years young, and has spent a life time studying various forms of movement and physical theater.

She became attracted to Chinese martial arts, acrobatics and Yoga in the early 1980s, and parlayed that into a solo performance career that took her to Taiwan, and back to her native NYC environs to perform in a wide variety of venues.

In 1994, injuries forced her to retire with a disintegrated disc in her spine, torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, and arthritis that necessitated a total left hip replacement in 1998.

All that time Amy never stopped her Yoga, and so hated not performing that she used her extreme flexibility and zany imagination to re-launch her career in March 2009.

Amazing Amy is the ONLY Contortionist in the world who has created Yoga Contortion Dance acts with special themes and characters, in any style for any occasion, and offers a large repertoire (all acts run approx. 6-8 minutes in length).

She also offers CONTORTION DANCE IMPROVISATIONAL JAMMING to any genre of music live or recorded! I fearlessly perform with music or musicians and on the spot, in the moment, flexibly freestyle improvise to ideally 7-8 minutes or more of music.

Already The Amazing Amy has appeared at the Downtown Clown Revue; The Bindlestiff Family Circus Open Variety Show at the Galapagos Arts Space; The Lava Dance Co. Night of Renegades Variety Show; Big Sky Works, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Cirque Off! at Triskelion Arts Space, Brooklyn; The House of Yes, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Dixon Place, NYC; and The Gong Show Live! at B. B. King's, NYC.

Amazing Amy lives to perform and performs to live and always seeks more performances. Please contact her at and find her by Googling Amazing Amy Yoga.


Byuioo - By Nate Weida

Wednesday, November 7th ~ 7pm doors ~ 7:30 dinner ~ 8pm performance
Thursday, November 8th     ~ 8pm performance
Saturday, November 10th   ~ 9pm performance

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, Byuioo is a soulful funk-rock musical about finding the beauty in that which might first appear confusing, or frightening, or ugly. In this wild and inspiring allegory, a mute, green, mutant baby, Mogo, is rescued by a pack of open-minded street performers, who embrace him, and raise him as their own. Under their care and tutelage, Mogo learns to live and love and celebrate his individuality. As Mogo becomes a man and leaves the safety of the nest, he'll discover if his self-assertion is enough to protect him, or if the forces of intolerance will condemn him to a life of persecution. Byuioo is told entirely in a poetically-constructed, English-evocative gibberish langauge, which, via its own construction, will reveal to the audience the beauty in that which, at first, is hard to understand. 

Directed By Isaac Klein
Choreographed by Jonathan Windham
Associate Directed by Harry Poster
Music Direction by Nate Weida

Starring - John Bennett, Dave Brown, Matthew Coyle, Dia Dearstyne, Chris French, Jessica Frey, Danielle Gaines, Larry Ray, Ravi Roth, Stacy Salvette, Arielle Siegel, Sarah VonFossen, Trevor Vaughn

Music Performed by Emil McGloin, Adam Miller, Sam Shaw, and Nate Weida


The Park Bench Prophet: Beggar with a Cause

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC presents Concrete Justice in

The Park Bench Prophet: Beggar with a Cause

The story of a homeless prophet, a modern-day Cassandra ignored by his fellow New Yorkers, told through interactive theatre, puppetry and poems. Created and performed by the Concrete Justice troupe, based on the real-life experiences of the ensemble. 

For more info: email katy (at) 



Bay area exper­i­men­tal sam­pler Kelly Keli­her takes a scenic route on her jour­ney back to New York as she presents brand new songs with a new arrange­ment: piano and vocals. Putting aside the heavy rhyth­mic loops and sam­ple bits, Keli­her devel­ops new songs instead from lyric dri­ven melody and wan­der­ing piano inter­ludes. The inno­v­a­tive har­monies and dis­so­nances, and the pur­pose­ful play between noise and clar­ity (all char­ac­ter­is­tic of Keliher’s pre­vi­ous work as Native/naïve) here pro­vide the sup­port for a more pop influ­enced set.

Check out her website here. Listen to Kelly's unique approach to music: 





The Garden
Choreography: Lane Gifford in collaboration with performers.
Performers: Billy Blanken, Laurena Santos, Dave Scarantino, Sarah Stanley, Nicole von Arx, Travis Waldschmidt

Lane Gifford is artistic director of LaneCoArts, a multi-arts company which examines the intriguing relationship between dance, theater and the visual arts. Performances include:
Baruch Performing Arts Center, Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, the 92nd St. Y Fridays at Noon series, New York Theatre Workshop’s Mondays @ 3 works in process program, Le Poisson Rouge, The New York International Fringe Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Pine Lake Park, Downtown Dance Festival, DNA’s RAW Material Series, DanceNOW at DTW, The Puffin Foundation and the Queens Museum of Art. Recent engagements include residencies with Ballet Nouveau Colorado and RedLine Gallery/2011 and Southern Utah University/2012.

Choreography: Jordan Morley
Performers: Mistral Hay and Jordan Morley

Jordan Morley is a skinny man with a wide imagination. He works in the field of the body. Creating works through dance, video, or text. His work has been seen at REDCAT (Los Angeles,CA), Baryshnikov Art Center (New York, NY),  and Vaudeville Park (New York, NY).


Brian Carey Chung, artistic director of COLLECTIVE BODY | DANCELAB, a think tank for the creation and performance of new ballet, danced for over twenty years with LINES, Complexions, and Armitage Gone! Dance, where he also served as rehearsal director and assistant choreographer (HAIR). His work has been seen at Skirball, Ailey Theatre, Purchase College, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, 92 nd Street Y’s Harkness Center for Dance, NYU Tisch, Athenaeum, Stage 773, and Arhaus as a finalist in Denmark’s Aarhus International Choreographic Competition. Brian holds the MFA (Creative Writing: Poetry) from NYU, and is assistant professor of dance at NIU.

The Salad of the Bad Cafe
Choreography: CJ Holm and Tiana Hemlock
Performers: Tiana Hemlock and CJ Holm

CJ Holm has been dancing and making dances under the name Creature Theater since 2009. Creature Theater is interested in work that speaks to the embodied experience of human animals. We have performed our work at BAX Upstart Festival, Chez Bushwick, Figment, Irondale Theater, Movement Research at the Judson Church, the Queens Fringe Festival, Spoke the Hub, The Tank, and are thrilled to be back at Judson for STUFFED. In harmony with dancemaking, CJ also makes music, works in the garden, and rides a bike everywhere.

Tiana Hemlock-Yensen hails from the merry olde land of Aus where she grew up and started her love affair with movement. Now based in NY Tiana has enjoyed working with Scott Lyons, Alexandra Beller, Lindsey Deitz Marchant, BLISS dance theater company and is currently dancing with SilCo Dance and Creature Theater. Tiana’s own work has been shown at The Tank, (2009), Movement Research at Judson Church, (2010), Triskelion Arts, (2011), CRS, (2011) and toured in Spain with Intertourdansa. She has had the absolute pleasure of working with Palissimo and Understudying the cast of Part III: Strange Cargo. Tiana is currently doing the Klein Technique Teacher Certification progragm. Along with making dances Tiana also creates outdoor installations, stories and wearable art costumes (out of recycled materials).

Goodness Management: Domestication
Choreography: Brittany Bailey
Performers:  Brittany Bailey

Brittany Bailey  Born in December 1989 in Hickory, North Carolina, USA.  Began dancing at the age of 2.  Later received a high school diploma from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2008.

Extreme learning experiences include performing with Marina Abramovic at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC (Spring 2010), dancing in Michael Clark's Company at the Tate Modern in London (Spring 2011), and Whirling with the Dervishes in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and in Konya, Turkey. 

International solo performances have taken place at the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique in Brussels, Belgium (2011) and the Musée d’Art Moderne, Luxembourg (2011). Most recent NYC performance was the creation of an evening length work titled "Goodness Management" at the Irondale Center (January, 2012). 


Ed Askew Band

Following 'Little Eyes' on Destilj and several self-released recordings from his past twenty years in New York City, Drag City has recently pressed 'Imperfiction,' a collection of songs Askew recorded on tiple and harpsichord in the 80's. This year, he toured three times, including a stint with Bill Callahan.

Additionally, Askew has been working on new recordings to be released next year which was produced by Jerry DeCicca (The Black Swans) and features contributions from Marc Ribot, Sharon Van Etten, and Mary Lattimore.

Ed will be playing 5 shows in Tokyo during the summer. Most recently, he has been playing as a trio - Ed Askew Band - with his pianist, Jay Pluck (Koning's Blauw), now joined by Tyler Evans (The Black Swans) on banjo and the legendary tiple.


The Music of Sarah Goldfeather and Baby Copperhead 

Baby Copperhead bio 

Baby Copperhead is a New York City-based banjo player, guitarist, and composer. While honoring the traditional North African roots of the banjo and its influence on Appalachian Mountain music, Baby Copperhead’s music is often described as “otherworldly” or “sci-fi”. He uses an array of banjo techniques from clawhammer, fingerpicking, tremolo picking (similar to that of surf music and Moroccan Berber music), to percussive tapping and textural harmonic flourishes. [Read more and listen.]

Sarah Goldfeather bio

Sarah Goldfeather is a Minnesota-born, Brooklyn-based violinist and vocalist whose diverse activities range from solo, orchestral and chamber music to performing with indie, folk, and bluegrass groups.

As a bluegrass and folk musician, Sarah is the violinist and vocalist for the New York-based Great Dog Almighty, and the Northfield, MN based Sideporch Trio. She has performed with the Atlantic Theater Company as has recorded music for Meredith Fierke and the upcoming film Welcome to Harlem. [Read more and listen.]

Compositions and jazz piano solos by Paul Knopf

The concert will be Compositions and Jazz Piano Solos by Paul Knopf

with Byron Singleton, tenor
Heather Petruzelli, soprano
Patty Nohara, flute and saxophone
Jennifer Axelson, violinist

The concert will feature 2 compositions: Picture the Homeless and Occupy Wall Street.

A prolific composer, Paul Knopf draws from diverse movements in classical music and jazz. After serving in World War II, he undertook classical studies in composition with Bohuslav Martinu and Josef Schmid, a pupil of Alben Berf, and earned a bachelor's degree for studies at the Juilliard School and New York University.

Beginning from his roots in the bebop era and the jazz revival surrounding the beatnik scene in the '50s, he expanded his interests into Latin American, ragtime, New Orleans, swing, and blues styles. In addition to his performance experience in jazz clubs and concert situations, he has accompanied dance ensembles, led a music ministry at Greenhaven State Prison, and given workshops for church musicians.

An innovator in Christian jazz worship since the early '60s, whose original compositions and piano improvisations are featured regularly at New York area churches (including Saint Peter's Church and The Church of the Village), Paul continues to connect his creative vision with his commitment to social justice.

Recent recording projects "Cabaret With Cabernet" and "Collage", feature his chamber music and jazz compositions, respectively.


This month's team: 

Paul Singh
Moriah Evans/Sarah Beth Percival
Celia Rowlson-Hall
Annika Sheaff 

THE SONG IS ENDED: A Tale of the Jazz Age

by Malcolm Cooke
The Flapper--Elizabeth Miller
Composer & Pianist--Paul Knopf

The Roaring 20s...the Jazz Age. It's an endless party and on Long Island's Gold Coast one man of mystery throws the best. Suddenly everything comes to a end when he's found floating face down shot dead in his swimming pool. Years later, a Flapper remembers.

STUFFED: Dinner and Dance with Bailout Theater


Curated by: Carlye Eckert + John Sorensen-Jolink

Featuring original work by:

Chelsea Ainsworth and Julia Stiefel
(Favorite Food: Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus)

Lucie Baker
(Favorite Food: Figs and Cheese with Honey)

Donnell Oakley
(Favorite Food: Cheese)

Operation:CMYK [Adam Scher and Chris Langer]
(Favorite Food: EVERYTHING)

Paul Singh
(Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes)

After a smashing debut last season, co-curators Carlye Eckert ( and John Sorensen-Jolink ( return to Bailout Theater with an evening of delicious original work from some of the most delectable names in the current world of dance.

Helter Shelter

A story of corruption, discrimination and dehumanization in the NYC shelter system, told through original documentary footage, interactive theatre, break-dancing and laughter. Created and performed by Concrete Justice, a collective of homeless and formerly homeless artists, based on the real-life experiences of the ensemble. Produced by Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.

About the Director

Katy Rubin is Founding Artistic Director of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC), and facilitator of the Concrete Justice troupe, a project of TONYC. TONYC also creates theatre with undocumented immigrants, people living with HIV/AIDS, youth, teachers, and many other New Yorkers. Katy trained with Augusto Boal, the founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, in Brazil, and has directed theatre and collaborated in India, Israel, and Nicaragua. She has also worked as an actor and circus performer in New York and internationally.

Other Work: It Could Happen to You


Previous Performances

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This month will feature a play reading of WET, or ISABELLA THE PIRATE QUEEN ENTERS THE HORSE LATITUDES written by Liz Duffy Adams and produced by the Flux Theatre Ensemble.
About the Play

Four survivors of a storm-sunken pirate ship — the legendary Isabella, Neptune’s bastard daughter; pirates Jenny (a runaway whore) and Sally (an electrified girl); and the Viscountess Marlene, a drag queen — seize a half-wrecked ship manned only by Captain Joppa and two sailors, young Jack and ex-slave Horatio. Joppa is determined to get back to the war. Isabella has other plans. Amidst time lurches, shifting loyalties, story-telling and sudden violence, hearts lost and secrets revealed, the seven souls find themselves without wind or current on a slowly sinking ship—until an unexpected event offers either hope or doom.

Liz Duffy Adams

Plays include: OR, (Off B'way at Women's Project; Magic Theater; numerous other productions); DOG ACT (Flux Theater in NYC; Shotgun Players; Moxie Theater); NEON MIRAGE (Humana Festival 2006 anthology play); THE LISTENER (Crowded Fire; Moxie Theater; workshopped at JAW/West); WET, OR ISABELLA THE PIRATE QUEEN ENTERS THE HORSE LATITUDES (Humana Festival finalist; MOXIE Theater; workshopped at Summer Play Festival); ONE BIG LIE (alt musical co-commissioned/produced by Crowded Fire and Playwrights Foundation); THE RECKLESS RUTHLESS BRUTAL CHARGE OF IT OR, THE TRAIN PLAY, (Crowded Fire; Clubbed Thumb NYC); A WRINKLE IN TIME (commissioned and produced by Syracuse Stage). Publications include OR, in Smith & Kraus' "Best Plays 2009" and by DPS, POODLE WITH GUITAR AND DARK GLASSES in Applause Book's "Best American Short Plays 2000-2001," numerous short plays and monologues in anthologies by Smith & Kraus, Applause, and Heinemann, and several plays with Playscripts, Inc. Profiled: American Theatre magazine December 2004. Graduate: NYU's Experimental Theater Lab and Yale School of Drama.

Honors include: Lillian Hellman Award for Playwriting (for OR, and DOG ACT). New Dramatists alumna (2001-2008). 2008 Weston Playhouse Music Theater Award; 2006 New York Fellowship for the Arts Award; 2006 Frederick Loewe Award; 2004 Will Glickman Award (DOG ACT).

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