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The Carousel Wheel

by Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper
July 27, 2014

The rivals for interpretation of this text about Ezekiel’s wheel are many. One is that Ezekiel saw the enemies of Israel all around him – and was trying to warn his people about how they were coalescing. Perhaps it was an early memo to Benjamin Netanuhu? Another is that Ezekiel was standard issue prophet, a little nuts, prone to hallucinatory experiences that wowed people, scared them...

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Leave a Trail

by Micah Bucey
July 20, 2014

I come before you today with a confession: I might be the only thirty-something-year-old man who has ever Googled the question: “Does Estée Lauder still manufacture Youth-Dew?”If you don’t know what Youth-Dew is, it’s Estée Lauder’s oldest fragrance and, to me, it’s always smelled something like the chemical combination of damp wood, dried...

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On Agape at Judson

by Abigail Hastings
July 14, 2014

My sister and I come from a line of “exhorters” – but today I think I’m more the contextualizer. The Judson history I know comes of my own curiosity and working on Howard’s book and chairing a few Worship Task Forces (whose acronym now delights me).In 1953, Judson’s Worship & Liturgy committee sought to find the historic roots of the “free church”...

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A Personal Primer on Regeneration

by Rev. Michael Ellick
July 13, 2014

So I had this dream when I was eighteen years old. It's twilight, I'm walking up a steep hill in the woods, and when I finally reach the top there's this large cabin, the front wall of which is entirely made of glass. And though it didn't look anything like the house I was born in, somehow in that dreamlike way I knew that it was the house I was born in. And looking inside it, I could see...

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