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Angel Mischief

by Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper
January 25, 2015

It is not a coincidence that I celebrate my fortieth ordination anniversary this year and Micah celebrates his first. It is not a coincidence that my daughter-in-law got two emails in a row at 5:39 on Thursday, one saying that her organization was denied a ten thousand dollar grant and the next saying that an anonymous contribution of that size had just been received. Nor is it a coincidence...

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Full of Wonder, Full of Fear

by Micah Bucey
January 18, 2015

Origin stories have always been my favorite stories.When I was a comic-book-obsessed pre-teen, I was most fascinated by those initial moments of mysterious revelation, when superheroes discovered, for the first time, the wonderful powers that were lurking inside their bodies and began to clumsily and fearfully step out, shyly shooting a spurt of webbing from a wrist or humbly stopping...

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by Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper
January 04, 2015

To Grandmother’s House We went! It seemed like a good idea at the time. Driving to Miami allowed us to bring our new puppy, Sybil the Great, visit my partner’s family in D.C. on the way down, then visit my mother and brother in North Carolina and then get to Pedro’s South of the Border in time for a full Southern cooked freak out. Things went ok on the way down, even though...

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Fraudiness & Truthiness

by Abigail Hastings
December 28, 2014

Many years ago I was watching an interview with Susan Sontag and at the end, likely thinking her mic was off, she leaned over and asked, “Was I ok? was that ok?” The same thing happened with Gloria Steinem. Were those left in to make us all feel better? I mean, if Sontag and Steinem have doubts about themselves, what chance for the rest of us?I’ve noticed since then...

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