• Perhaps it’s the Baby Moses boat races.
  • Or the Sunday the children decorated their own John the Baptist styrofoam wig heads.
  • It could be the music we sing, everything from Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg and Bruce Springsteen to the Indigo Girls, Steve Earle, Dan Zanes, and even Green Day.
  • It might be our performance of “Nacho Jacob,” safe to say the first theatrical production in history to combine Jacob with Morley Safer and Jack Black, complete with luchador wrestling masks. As the joke goes, Judson Sunday School is “nacho” typical Sunday School.


Our families are diverse: Some parents are single, some coupled. Some couples are in same gender relationships and identify as gay; others are in different gender relationships and identify as straight. Some parents have strong church backgrounds while some have no church experience whatsoever. Some of our families are multi-racial, and some not.

What we have in common is the desire for our kids to receive a progressive church education. At Judson Sunday School, the emphasis is on the truth within a Bible story rather than the truth of a Bible story, and our lessons stress the great themes found within religion, such as love, justice, peace and forgiveness.

Childcare: Our classes meet during the church worship hour, yet we are vigilant in providing opportunities for our children to participate in the worship service. We also provide childcare for congregational meetings and many other special events.

Judson Sunday School: a bit weird, wonderful, insightful, delightful, safe, but mostly, a lot of fun!

When the muse calls him, Judson's Sunday School director Andy Frantz (The Grand Poobah!) provides insights, mild rants, celebrations of the absurd, critical raves, modern philosophies and much more.

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Surfin’ with Jesus

January 9th

“My folks moved to New York from California
I should have listened when my buddy said I warn ya
There’ll be no surfin’ there
And no one even cares
My woodie's outside
Covered with snow
Cold winds will blow now
New York’s a lonely town
When you're the only surfer boy around”

From “New York’s A Lonely Town” by The Trade Winds

Welcome back to Sunday School, Judson Mamas and Papas!

How were your holidays? Mine were wonderful! It’s always nice to take a little break from the Bible. But now everyone’s back in town, as is Jesus, who dropped by the office earlier this morning to share some snapshots from his latest surfing vacation.


Jesus always tries to get out of town for Christmas; the Nativity story makes him especially cranky.

“Dude, camels, really?” Jesus complained. “The story doesn’t say anything about any camels. And not for nothing, but what kind of wise men follow a moving star when everybody knows stars don’t move? It’s the 21st century, for crying out loud. Wake up!”

I told you he was cranky.


“What do you want from me,” I said, “I’m not in charge of Christmas. And besides, if you’re going to complain about inaccuracies in your birth story, why not start with your mom. Everybody knows she was no vir – “

“Don’t you be talkin’ about my mom,” Jesus interrupted.

Back and forth we went like this for another twenty minutes or so before I was finally able to assure Jesus that in the future, whenever Judson Sunday School feels compelled to tell a story about him, we would do our best to give it the proper context it deserves.

“There’s no sense in having children learn stories about me that they’ll only have to unlearn when they get older,” Jesus said. ”It just makes them mad at me. And I never asked them to learn the story in the first place.”

Then Jesus apologized for his general surliness. “There’s something about New York City in January – having to put your Huaraches and baggies back on the shelf and get out the LL Bean boots and a puffy jacket – you know what I mean?”


I assured him I did, and then we got to talking about what’s on tap for Judson Sunday School this weekend.

For the youngest children, a little Festivus for the rest of us, with a lesson entitled “Serenity Now!” (Jesus loves Seinfeld, although he wasn’t that crazy about the final episode.) Kerry Lee MacLean’s tale, Moody Cow Meditates, will teach your children how better to control their anger issues. (When I asked Jesus if he had ever read Moody Cow Meditates, he just stared at me.)

For the elementary through high schoolers, a game show called “What Was That All About?” Yes, what better way to review the life of Jesus and reinforce the love of God than a contest, dividing your children into teams and pitting one team against another for fabulous, fake cash prizes!

We spent the rest of the morning with Jesus regaling me with tales of his vacation.

“Brah, the surfin’ was epic, fully macking double overhead corduroy to the horizon!”

And then I got out my old 45s and played the Fantastic Baggys’ “Save Your Sundays For Surfin’ .”

“Surfin’s really wild on Sundays
It’s the best surfin’ day of the week
Yeah, every Sunday, whether cloudy or sunny
Every surfer and honey
Will be backin’ their boards in their ’34 Fords
And headin’ out to Surf City Beach
So won’t you save
Save your Sundays for Surfin’
Cause I wanna go
Surfin’ on Sunday with you”

[Save Your Sundays for Surfin']

Jesus laughed. “In our next lives, dude. In our next lives.”


See you Sunday!

Grand Poobah




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