• Perhaps it’s the Baby Moses boat races.
  • Or the Sunday the children decorated their own John the Baptist styrofoam wig heads.
  • It could be the music we sing, everything from Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg and Bruce Springsteen to the Indigo Girls, Steve Earle, Dan Zanes, and even Green Day.
  • It might be our performance of “Nacho Jacob,” safe to say the first theatrical production in history to combine Jacob with Morley Safer and Jack Black, complete with luchador wrestling masks. As the joke goes, Judson Sunday School is “nacho” typical Sunday School.


Our families are diverse: Some parents are single, some coupled. Some couples are in same gender relationships and identify as gay; others are in different gender relationships and identify as straight. Some parents have strong church backgrounds while some have no church experience whatsoever. Some of our families are multi-racial, and some not.

What we have in common is the desire for our kids to receive a progressive church education. At Judson Sunday School, the emphasis is on the truth within a Bible story rather than the truth of a Bible story, and our lessons stress the great themes found within religion, such as love, justice, peace and forgiveness.

Childcare: Our classes meet during the church worship hour, yet we are vigilant in providing opportunities for our children to participate in the worship service. We also provide childcare for congregational meetings and many other special events.

Judson Sunday School: a bit weird, wonderful, insightful, delightful, safe, but mostly, a lot of fun!

When the muse calls him, Judson's Sunday School director Andy Frantz (The Grand Poobah!) provides insights, mild rants, celebrations of the absurd, critical raves, modern philosophies and much more.

Read This Week at Judson's Sunday School below and feel free to send your comments, questions, jokes to the Grand Poobah himself: JudsonGrandPoobah (at) gmail.com


The Latest...

‘Twas the Sunday after Kids Day, when all through Sunday School,
Not a Judson Kid was learning anything, not even the Golden Rule.
The “picture songs” were filed away, having done their good deed
In hopes that your children might soon learn to read.

No Bibles were in sight, not even the Psalms.
If you want religion this summer, ask your dad or your mom.
Instead, we have kick balls and crayons and crackers,
A playhouse, a slide and some building block stackers.

We have hula hoops and basketballs, lemonade and apple juice,
And should your children desire, they could even read Proust.
There’s a giant gorilla and tons of Teddy Bears,
And more than enough Poohbettes to provide childcare.

Your children are welcome to partake in the fun,
As you worship and pray that the announcements are done.
And who knows, when he’s not in Vermont or Aruba (I wish),
You might spend a summer Sunday with Judson’s Grand Poobah.

Lessons will resume in the fall, y’all.

Have a wonderful summer!

Grand Poobah



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